Gracewood of North Branch- Happy almost Spring!

We have had an exciting week at Gracewood Senior Living in North Branch!  We have been so happy to see the sunshine, and not only that, the amaryllis that we have been waiting for, has bloomed!  Some of us took bets on how many flowers would come of it, and we ended up with four beautiful red flowers!

The Homemakers Club brought a load of different hats for us to try on and walk back in time with.  Everyone talked about the different kinds of hats they wore through the years.  We loved seeing which one suited each other.  It was truly a fun day.

Our first letter from our new pen pal came in the mail from South Carolina.  It was so fun to hear about their weather and about their new baby!  We wrote back and had more to tell than we thought we would!  We can’t wait to see what will be on our agenda for next week!

Happy almost Spring!