Comforts of Home of Menomonie-Local Winter Parade

Menomonie Comforts of Home attended our local Winter Daze Parade on December 14th. Our wonderfully talented Bud Cline (maintenance department) drafted and built us a gingerbread house. We had a lot of fun painting, decorating and stringing the lights!  There were so many fun & festive floats from other local businesses, only in the northern states would you get such great participation in the freezing cold! What a great experience we are thankful to have been a part of!

Comforts of Home-SCOPES Program (Stanley Corrections Outreach Program Equals Success)

SCOPES Program (Stanley Corrections Outreach Program Equals Success)

In collaboration with the Stanley Correctional Institute, Comforts of Home began participating in their SCOPES program. Each building collected crafting supplies that were turned into the Stanley Correctional Institute. The Institute in turn donated multiple handmade quilts, throw blankets and fidget blankets. These will be distributed to each building to be utilized by our residents.

This program supports our VISION: TO SERVE PEOPLE!

Comforts of Home-Compassionate Touch Training

Compassionate Touch as a Therapeutic Approach in Combating Behavioral Expressions

Being able to communicate is an essential skill needed to fulfill basic human needs. Imagine if you were no longer able to communicate your basic needs? What if when you spoke the words came out jumbled? Or, when you listened to others, you heard only garbled voices? Dementia can rob someone of their ability to communicate the way they once knew. In memory care it is not uncommon to see negative behavioral expression like verbal or physical aggression as a way of communicating needs such as hunger or boredom. Compassionate Touch is an approach combining skilled touch and specialized communication shown to prevent behavioral expression in people with dementia.

 At Comforts of Home we are excited to have been able to participate in Compassionate Touch training.  Our certified Compassionate Touch coaches are training all Comforts of Home staff in the techniques and we are seeing some exciting outcomes with our residents that include improved sleep, decreased anxiety, and decreased use of anti-psychotropic medications.  Compassionate Touch has also given our staff tools to improve communication skills with residents and is allowing staff to further personalize care plans to meet the needs of each individual. Comforts of Home is eager to continue using the Compassionate Touch approach to enrich the lives of our residents and staff.


Comforts of Home of Menomonie-Flash back to 1950s!

Flash back to 1950s!

We held a 50’s themed Car Hop last week here in our memory care building. Flash backs are often what we get to see glimpses of with many of our residents, so we thought it would be fun to hold an event to bring them back for a good time and it was such a fun era to highlight! We had burgers, sandwiches, fries, malts, music, poodle skirts, and after our meal we watched a few timeless classics on our big screen! Many smiles, laughs and memories were shared!