Jessica Ross - Menomonie Comforts of Home

Jessica's Story

Meet Jessica Ross, Campus Director at Comforts of Home Menomonie. She is a wife, mother of two, daughter, sister, she played the saxophone, loves to sing, and stands 6’ tall! (yes, she did play basketball.) This is her story!

I started with Comforts of Home (COH) just over 6 years ago. I knew there was something special about COH from the minute I walked into the building. It was beautiful! The manager didn’t just ask the typical interview questions, she took the time to ask me about my life and what my goals were. She seemed to really take an interest in me as a person instead of just as a potential caregiver. That was a nice change from the usual! I was offered a job just a few days later. That day was March 25th, my birthday. An amazing present! I was the first caregiver on the floor when our Memory Care opened April 1st 2011. I still remember that day and our first, sweet resident Edwin. Since then I have had a few different roles with the company, Assistant Manager, House Manager, to my current role as Campus Director at our Menomonie Campus. I have loved these opportunities where I have been able to work on my personal and professional growth. I LOVE what I do and that I get to be part of something so rewarding with a population that is near and dear to my heart.

What do you want families to know?

I think that people often think that when you move to a place like this, whether its Skilled Nursing or an Assisted Living community, that you have no more life left to live. People often think that it’s over for you and that is absolutely not true!! Life changes of course but it certainly doesn’t end!

We offer so much love and support for our residents here. We treat them like our family, because that is what they feel like. We realize it is hard for families to see their loved ones like this and completely understand why it is hard to visit the new them. We do not shame them!  We did not know the resident before their move with us (usually), so we get to know who they are now and want to learn what they were like before to find out what makes them happy to better serve them. We as caregivers, managers, nurses, & activities, do whatever we can to help enrich the life that they have left to live. Life is not over, there is still so much more!

What do you want someone who is thinking of working in this industry to know?

The biggest thing I would like for prospective employees to know is that there is so much more to this job than just “personal care”. We absolutely provide that, but the people we serve give us so much more in return. To say this is a rewarding job is just not enough. We learn about ourselves, about others, hear so many stories and learn life lessons along the way. “My” residents have given me so much in my time here. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for this life experience.